A Dishwasher has always been a debatable home appliance unlike other appliances say for example a Washing Machine. Well this is because mostly we have heard that this is something which people in other countries use and it is not made for our Indian style cooking and utensils, this being the biggest myth of all.

However, many Indians are using Dishwashers for years and some have started to use it recently. They have known for a fact that they are a great time saver, water usage is much lesser than the hand washing of utensils, and no hassle at all. Well, this will be the review from Dishwasher users only if they have the right Dishwasher and only if they have used the Dishwasher in the most optimum and smart way.

Well, for this blog, let us look into some common myths we may have and which may be stopping us from buying a Dishwasher. You can also check out our pick for the Top 5 Best Dishwashers in India.

Myth no 1: We need to pre-rinse our Dishes

A very common myth we all have is that, we need to pre-rinse your Dishes before we load it into the Dishwasher. Well, this is just a myth as said. You need not pre-rinse the Dishes, you just have to remove the leftovers as you may do the same for manual wash, else then this nothing needs to be done and Dishwasher will look after it further

Myth no 2: Dishwashers are costly

Well, yes and no. If we see according to the cost then the Dishwasher costs us around Rs.35000 average and this is just the initial investment but technically you get 2 years warranty with the Dishwasher, but the Dishwasher life is much longer, just like the Washing Machine. Minimum your Dishwasher will work very well for 5 years and moreover just like a Washing Machine, the Dishwasher may also last for 8-10 years and in return you get freedom to wash as many dishes you want to as many times the day you want and at your convenient time without depending on anyone.

Myth no 3: Dishwasher uses more water than manual wash

This is a big NO.

Research says that the Dishwasher uses on an average 4 times less water than hand washing of utensils. Dishwashers use around 9-12 litres of water which is the size of a water bucket and the same load if you are washing manually then it would be washed in running tap water and thus uses way more water than a Dishwasher. So yes, Dishwashers save a lot of water.

Myth no 4: Dishwasher takes a lot of time to wash utensils

Well, this totally depends on which mode you select while washing. On an average it takes around 1 hour 30 minutes and when you need the dishes urgently then we have an option of Quick Wash in which your dishes will be washed in 30 mins. Yes, there are also options which take upto 2-3 hours. So about taking a lot of time, that totally depends on the mode you select.

Myth no 5: Dishwashers are not meant for Indian Kitchen

Well, many of us might have this misconception in our minds that the Dishwasher is not made for our Indian kitchens since this is a foreign product and also most of our Indian curries are oily and also the spices stains. But that’s just a misconception, the Dishwashers which are sold in India are compatible with Indian utensils and you will be able to wash almost all the utensils from spoon to the oily kadhai. Since the Dishwasher washes the utensils at a very high degree so the waste, stains, stickiness, oil, etc everything is washed properly and you get hygienic and germ-free utensils. 

There are few utensils which are not compatible with the Dishwasher though.

Myth no 6: Dishwasher cycle will re-run in case of power-cuts

Well in case of power-cuts, all the modern equipments these days are designed in such a way that it resumes the cycle from where it had stopped, and so is the case with Dishwasher, it will resume it’s cycle automatically from where it had stopped right after the power is back, so we do not need to make any manual effort or waste of time in such cases.

These were some myths we tried to clear out for you about the Dishwashers. If you still have more myths or queries, you can write us down in the comments section below and we will try to resolve the same.

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