As the technology has advanced, mobile processors are becoming more and more powerful, even the display technology is improving but we are not able to see any much progress in battery technology.

When we buy a new phone, our phone battery lasts very well in the beginning but gradually the battery life goes down and all of us want our phone battery to last longer. Sometimes the phone battery gets drained out very fast. This can be resolved with some tips we got you here to improve your battery life.

1. Screen Brightness

If you are outdoors then you will need the brightness, but if you are indoors then you should try to keep your phone on low brightness. You can turn off your auto brightness feature as it will require power for the sensor to work and also the auto brightness sets more brightness than it is required. If possible, you must set the brightness manually only.

2. Dark Theme

If your phone has an OLED screen then you can set your phone on the dark theme mode. This is because the dark theme mode switches off the LED light for the black color and because of this the power is less consumed saving up some of your battery. Also many applications these days have an option to switch to dark mode, so you may even switch to dark mode theme in these applications to take advantage of the OLED screen to save on the battery.

3. Background Apps and Services

You should check and close the background running applications which consume a lot of your phone battery and also close the applications which are not in use by you. Even if you are not using the voice assistant in your phone then you may also turn it off. Similarly you can also turn off the services like NFC, Location, Bluetooth if you are not using the same and then there is this vibration feedback as in which your phone gives vibration when you touch or type something, this use the motor internally which consumes some power, so if you are ok with turning it off, you may turn it off to get some extra battery backup.

4. Wallpapers

This is one of the key reasons for your battery to drain so if possible do not use any live or animated wallpapers as it uses your battery. You may keep a dark colored wallpaper or a plain black wallpaper. If you have an OLED screen then black wallpaper or screensaver will help you a lot in saving power.

5. Notifications

You may have downloaded and installed many applications on your phone and there might be many such applications which send you unnecessary notifications which might not be relevant to you, so what you need to do here is just go to all those individual applications and turn off the notifications for those. This way you will not get any unnecessary or irrelevant notifications and also it may help to save some power.

6. Screen Resolution and Timeout

If your screen resolution is Quad HD then you may switch it to HD or Full HD resulting to low battery consumption. Usually the screen timeout is set for 30 seconds and then your screen turns off automatically, you may reduce this time to 15 seconds for saving some battery. These days new smartphones are coming with 120Hz screen refresh rate which is again battery hungry, put the display in 60Hz to get some extra battery backup.

7. Power Saving Mode

If your battery is 15% or less than that then you may turn your phone into power saving mode. By this some background functions will be limited and cpu usage will also reduce and with this your battery will stretch for some more time.

8. Airplane mode:

So if you are at a place where there are no signals or you are getting weak signals, then you may turn your phone to airplane mode, this way you will save up on your battery. If you do not turn your phone to airplane mode in such a situation then your battery will drain out a lot. Even if you are at a place, where you are using only Wi-Fi and not 4G network or mobile data then you may switch your network to 2G mode which will help your battery last longer.

Well so these were some tips and tricks for improving the battery life of your phone. If you have any other ways to improve the battery life or you have any queries or suggestions you can write to us in the comments section below.

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