ILIFE V80 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Mop Review


It has been many years now that we have Robotic Vacuums out there in the Market, and now since some time they are getting quite popular amongst the Indians too. There are situations wherein some of us face difficulties in getting a good house help, or we are not able to coordinate with the timings with them while some of us just doesn’t want to depend on any help and someone needs house help as well as the Robotic Vacuums to always keep their house dirt free and clean the house as many times as they need to. So there are various reasons due to which we think of getting a Robotic Vacuum.

Well, we also got one and it will now be nearly 2 years of using a Robotic Vacuum in our Apartment on a daily basis without any house help. Well one thing is for sure, these Vacuums do provide Greater Cleaning Power, Convenience and Durability. If you don’t want to depend on anyone and do your chores on your own, then I am sure a Robotic Vacuum will surely help you do so as it has Time-Saving Potential. You can set up your Robotic Vacuum to clean your home everyday of the week, or however you like it. You may be working and you want your house to be cleaned once you are back home and guess what you can just set the timer for it to clean the house behind you and you’ll be entering a clean house once you are back and many such benefits.

So the one we use is ILIFE V80 Robotic Vacuum, this has both dry and wet mopping features. We purchased this product after a good research and we got it in our budget as we got a very good deal on Amazon and got this product for around Rs.22000 while the MRP was Rs.34000.

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Technical Specifications

  • 5 Cleaning Modes: Path, Random, Edge, Spot, Schedule and Max. 
  • Suitable for: Tiles, Wooden Floor, Cement, Ceramic/Vitrified Tiles and Undercoat Carpet. 
  • Auto Recharge when the power is about to run out. 
  • Noise Level: 60dB
  • 8cm slim design enables the vacuum work in the narrow space, under the bed and also under the furniture
  • Dust Box Capacity: 750ml
  • Water Storage Tank Capacity: 300ml
  • Charging Time: About 4-5 hours
  • Working Time: ~ 80-120 minutes
  • Cleaning Coverage: ~ 2100 Sq Ft. 
  • Battery Capacity: 2600mAh
  • Unit Voltage: 14.4V. 
  • Climbing Angle: 10 degree Obstacle. 
  • Power Input Voltage: 100-240V (50/60Hz)
  • Power Output Voltage: 19V / 0.6A. 
  • Net Weight: 2.7 kg
  • Color: Iron Grey
  • 1 Year Onsite Warranty

Unboxing and Contents

The packaging was pretty decent. In the box, we get the main product, the Robotic Vacuum (battery included), the charging dock, the remote control, power adapter, water tank with a mop cloth and also one extra mop cloth, cleaning brush, user manual, warranty card, extra side brushes, 2 AAA batteries and a high performance filter.


If we take a look at the backside of the Robotic Vacuum, we see some sensors, then we have place where we put the brushes for dry vacuuming, we have the two wheels, we have the dust tank, bumpers on its sides if any obstacle is there then those can take care of it, we have one rotating wheel too at its back. On the right side we have one power switch and also the adapter plugin. The dry mopping tank is removable and we can replace it with the wet mopping tank when needed. So the vacuum dust cleaner, as in the dry mopping tank has warnings on it for “No washing” & “No soaking”. We have a motor in it and for removing dust we have to pull it out and just empty it in the dustbin/garbage bag, later we can close it back. The other one is the mopping tank, we have an area from where we can fill the water inside. Well so whenever we switch for dry mopping tank to wet mopping tank or vice versa the vacuum automatically senses that it has to do the dry mopping or wet mopping. We have to attach the brushes for mopping as per the color combinations shown in the backside where we attach the brushes.


We have different modes in which we can use our Robotic Vacuum as per our need and ease. 

  1. Auto Mode: This is a default vacuum mode and in this type of mode, the vacuum follows a random path. Also this mode takes a lot of time to clean.
  2. Path Mode: Here the vacuum follows a linear pattern to clean the entire place and at the end it will come back to its original location. If you are setting up the timer or choosing the wet mopping mode then the Path Mode is run by default. This takes relatively less time to clean as compared to Auto Mode.
  3. Spiral Mode: Spiral Mode covers a small area. This can be used when something is spilled on the floor by mistake in a particular area, then we can use this mode to take that much area only
  4. Edge Mode: This mode starts to clean from the edges of the walls, later clean up the remaining area randomly.


It has multiple sensors in this vacuum which detects the walls, any obstacles or staircase. The algorithm for navigation of this vacuum is also quite good. Mostly this handles all the obstacles as in the chair, table, or any such thing.

We can use this with any type of tiles material. We can also use this vacuum in the balcony. The vacuum does struggle with the light weight door mats or rugs and also with the wires. So before we start to clean the house with this vacuum, it would be good to remove these obstacles from the floor, so the vacuum can function smoothly.

Dock Charger

The best thing about this is we do not have to put this vacuum to charge manually, it auto charges itself whenever the battery is about to run out and also if the cleaning is finished it will go back to its dock to get itself charged. The important thing here is that we need to keep approx 1 metre space from all three sides of the dock charger so it is easy for the vacuum to find the dock charger through it’s sensors and also we need to keep the charger switch ON always otherwise the sensor will not work and the vacuum will consider the dock charger also as an obstacle.

The mopping tank can store upto 300 ml of water. There is a place given from wherein we can fill in the water in the tank and we can also add the disinfectant alongwith the water in the tank. Also make sure you fill the drinking water in the tank. For placing the mopping tank, we first need to pull out the dry vacuum tank and then fix there the mopping tank, it would then automatically sense that it has to use the mopping mode. There is a technology in the vacuum due to which the water falls out drop by drop while mopping and the water will stop falling out when the mopping is done or the vacuum is stopped. There is no leakage found while using it. Once the mopping is completed, we have to take out the excess water from it’s water tank. We would be able to see the dirt it collects while mopping on the mopping cloth. The mopping cloth is removable, we can remove it and wash it like we wash any other cloth with soap.

Remote Controller

We get a remote controller along with this vacuum which works with 2 AAA batteries. You can start or pause the vacuum from the center button from the remote control, the signs are given. Also when you start from the center button, the vacuum cleans in the Auto Mode. On the sides of the center button, we have three navigation buttons, front, left and right and one fan speed button for high/low. There are three buttons given below, left to right, it is for Path Mode, Spiral Mode and Edge Mode respectively. There is no button given for scheduling in the remote. If you start the vacuum in any mode, then you can pause or stop it with the center button. You can manually navigate the vacuum and clean it or take it to another room with the navigation buttons given for front, left and right. At last, we have the home button, to send the vacuum back to the dock charger.

Dust Tank

It has a 750ml dust tank, which is very large. Whenever the dust tank is full, it will show us the bin indicator on the vacuum itself. At that time, we can remove the tank and empty the dust tank. After emptying the dust tank in the bin, we can clean the tank with the cleaning brush which is provided with the vacuum.


Every 15 days we must deep clean the filters of the vacuum. We need to pull out the filter from the vacuum, just take it out and tap it on the dustbin and clean the extra remaining dust with the cleaning brush which is provided with the vacuum. There would be two more filters below the one we pulled out at first. We need to clean them in the same manner too. Out of these three filters, there is only one mesh filter which is washable while the others are not. We need to clean the tank also which has a bit of dust in it with the cleaning brush itself. Once the cleaning is done, we need to put all the filters back at its place. Now that the tank is cleaned, it is ready to use again.

Pros and Cons


  • Good cleaning efficiency:

    It does clean the house very well as compared to manual, the suction power is good.

  • Scheduled mode:

    We can set a timer for the entire week as we like. Even if we are out for vacation or just not at home, you may schedule it also for once a week or alternate days so once you are back home, the house is clean.

  • Convenient:

    There is no dependency, we can run this in day time or evening time whenever we like it and want it

  • Saves your time:

    You can just start the vacuum and just continue doing your work and it will do the cleaning without any manual effort like we have to give in for traditional vacuums.

  • Compact design:

    The design is good and compact. It can clean under the bed and furniture easily.

  • Self charging:

     We do not have to take care of its charging manually, it will take care of it itself. It will return to its charging dock when the cleaning is completed or when it is running out of battery.


  • Mopping is average:

    Mopping is ok, not too great. As the vacuum just follows one direction while mopping instead of back and forth due to which the mopping quality is not upto the mark. Also the mopping does not remove the tough stains from the floor.

  • Won’t clean corners:

     It doesn’t clean the corners well, maybe because of its design.

  • Won’t take in big/heavy wastes:

     It won’t take wastes like for example tissues, etc. We need to put it in the dustbin manually.


At the end I would say it is a decent robotic vacuum cleaner, it will keep the house clean and helps to reduce the effort in sweeping the house manually, the mop is a bit disappointing but otherwise you can go for this model as it comes in a decent price. It still requires your attention to clean the dustbin / remove hair tangles.

You can buy this product here:

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